Friday, June 9


I realized today as I was cleaning the bathroom before work that three
days ago I was folding laundry before work, because I'd rather be
doing anything than getting ready for work, that I'm nuts. Why am I
doing this to myself?

I mean, the side effects of clean laundry and a cleared bathroom
counter are great, but at the cost of my sanity? I don't think it's
worth it.


PS: Have any of you tried that Chlorox bath wand or whatever fairy
name they gave it? Is it any good? Does it work well, but leave
behind a residue unless you wipe behind it (because then, what's the
point, really?) I'm in the market for something to make cleaning the
bathroom easier. Any ideas?


B said...

It sounds like it is a way to delay going somewhere you don't really want to go. Keep your chin up, the reason you don't want to be there will probably be leaving soon.

Jess said...

I'm crossing my fingers that the reason you're unhappy stops being a reason soon enough. :o) Chin up!