Tuesday, June 13

Guys Need Not Read

Once again, I'm here to expunge the numerous benefits of using a device labeled as "Instead". It can be found on the top-most or bottom-most shelf of your local Walgreens. And sometimes, your local Target. Basically, you have to be willing to spend more than 30 seconds in the feminine aisle. Don't expect to pluck and run, you might have to search a few seconds longer than normal. Once again, I must warn you that it is not for those women who aren't at ease with their fluids. I have to mention that I don't blame you at all if you're not, I can't say I'm all about a mixture of mucus and blood - but my sense of thriftiness far outweighs any grossed-outed-ness I once had. Plus, I worked at a veterinary clinic once, and I loved it. You sort of grow immune to fluid. It's a fact of life. Anyway, you should get you some Instead if you're frugal, like I am.

Speaking of women and being proactive as a female in general, Twisty has had some bad news lately. Although I don't recommend posting at her site without having a pretty solid dislike for the patriarchy, I do recommend reading through some of her brilliant postings about it.

I never really considered myself a feminist before a few months ago. I always saw myself as a regular person, living my life, being pretty pissed off when a guy chose me for a job because I was hot and young. Being irritated by the women-folk around me who would play dumb or vulnerable to get attention or special treatment. And how sad is it that I really don't want to be labeled as a feminist, because of all the stigmata that goes with it?

No, I'm not a fucking butch lesbian. No, I haven't been embittered by a man who "Done me wrong". No, I'm not a bitch. But the more I read of that website, the more I realize that it's not about stereotypes, it's about overcoming them. She's an incredibly intelligent woman, sharing her view with the rest of us. She needs to be around for a lot longer. That's all I know. I don't want to be labeled as a feminist.

Really, all I've ever wanted was to be seen as a person. Period. I read her blog because I think that's what her point is. We all just want to be seen as people.


But speaking of periods, I've been staying up late tonight. I suspect that the unspoken reason for that is due to my general sense of discontent all day long and a suspicion that I will be getting it at some point during the night. It's now 3:20 AM and it hasn't happened, and I'm ready to throw in the towel and say 'To hell with it'.

I've always been a middle-of-the-night sort of gal, what about the rest of you?

Now that you're older, what symptoms do you look for before the actual "coming"?

I've never had a schedule that was worth Jack. They say you're supposed to become more regular with age, but I've always been sort of willy-nilly. Are you, too?

Thanks for the girl talk. I miss my girls, and need a fix every now and again.


Jess said...

First thing in the morning when I'm on the Thursday pink pill. Every time. Finished by Tuesday/Wednesday of the following week.

Symptoms? Stomach ache. Cramping. Irritability. Exhaustion.

Oh the joys of being a woman! Gah.

susan said...

Yeah, hormone regulation works wonders for having a fairly dependable schedule. This may be tmi, but I always get, shall we say, a bit of stomach upset the day before I start. And whenever I find myself inexplicably and unreasonably upset over something - "What do you MEAN you didn't get the mail this evening?! Gaw!" - it's usually a cue to take a step back and realize that there is an explanation after all, which will make itself apparent in 2-3 days.

Ditto Jess. 'Tis joyous indeed.

Jess said...

Susan: I understand the "stomach upset" and the irrationality. I can usually admit after a bit of whining and moping that the real reason I'm so upset is that I'm PMS-ing and not that I spilled a bit of tomato sauce on the stovetop.

Nads said...

I really cant tell if I am PMSing or not. Some days I just have a tendency to be grumpy, its just me. I do, sometimes get overly aggitated about small things about two weeks before though. Cramps start the day after I do, so I cant base my judgement of when it will occur on them. I think my big give away is gas, sorry to be so blunt. I just get really gassy the day before. Thats how I tell. I am usually an early morning starter, have been from the very beginning.

I also tend to be easily swayed off track by who I hang out with. Though, I am starting to know when to prepare by who I hang out with. Like when I see my sister and niece alot during the month, it will be early. If I hang with a few other friends, then i will be late. I just tend to take on other girls' cycles. And if I drink heavily for 3 weeks straight (like getting bombed 2 or three times a week like last January) I can forget it happening at all that month.

I also get really freaked out over Ham too. I heard that if you handle it while you are having your "visitor", then it will spoil. Is that true? It prolly not, but I never take the chance.