Wednesday, June 14

More Girl Stuff

Ditto both you gals! Except that I'm not on any hormones, and I don't keep track of the dates, and it all still seems like I'm in seventh grade again, terrified for two weeks of every month that today will be the day, and I'll end up walking around with a mess on my hands.

And yet, I still don't prepare. What's wrong with me?

I get the stomach upset, too, usually the day before/the day of. Also a feeling of hopelessness about my life and my status and my future. Crampiness only on the day of, and not until a few minutes too late to be any sort of warning signal. It's fun to be around, I swear! Just ask Bruce.

Also, like Jess, I need to sulk and mope and feel bad for a while before I admit something might be amiss with my hormones. But like Susan, I seem to forget every month, genuinely, why it might be that I'm cranky. Is denial one of the symptoms? Worth checking into...


Miss Wired said...


I'm completely like this, and always feel better during that "down time" when I realise that it's hormones and that I'll feel better tomorrow.

Only one day a cycle I'm like this... strange.

Jess said...

If it's denial, I suffer from it as well. ;o)

Anonymous said...

according to my husband, I was supposed to start two days ago. Is it sad that he keeps track and I don't? No, because I have never been on a regular cycle. I don't get any warnings. No pms, as I'm always a bitch. lol. Big hugs!!!