Sunday, March 16

Happy Monday!

Tomorrow is a long day.

I think I'm going to call it a night a little early.

Last night at the bar, the DJ played a song that one of the middle-aged ladies with poofy bangs and mom jeans really liked. I know because after the DJ stopped playing, she found it on the jukebox and played it seven times in a row.

What song was it? This song. I shit you not.

Have a good week!

(eta: The song is "Low" by some hip hop dude. In case you have a sluggish connection or they take down the video in the future.)

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Anonymous said...

See? Thats why giraffes rock! A giraffe would never want to hear something like that. Or wear mom jeans...the club scene is sorely lacking giraffes these days...keeping my fingers crossed for a comeback, though.