Saturday, March 8


Sunny: are you as excited as i am about losing an hour of sleep tonight?

Lisa: ?

Sunny: what with the Spring Forward?

Lisa: i didn't know it was yet
now i am

Sunny: i'm sure you'll be reminded plenty at work

Lisa: luckily i'm off tomorrow so there's no chance of it making me show up at the wrong time

Sunny: are you kidding? I'm worried about Monday already

Lisa: lol
yeah, i think (i hope) i'll have the whole time change thing under control after a day of it
you know, asking everyone what time it REALLY is...checking all the clocks
setting 5 alarms...just in case
oh wait!
i think i'm off monday, too, so I'll have two days to prepare

Sunny: checking and rechecking your phone to make sure it says the right time

Lisa: i like to check back and forth from the phone and the computer
then call time and temp a few times

Sunny: oh, yeah, that's a good one

Lisa: tune into the news to make sure they make mention of a time change and i wasn't wrong about the date of its occurrence

Sunny: you really freaked me out by not realizing it was today
now i'm worried i've got it wrong

Lisa: no kidding
thank pete you said something

Sunny: like everyone is trying to trick me or something

Lisa: i've heard nothing about it until now
and todd didn't know either

Sunny: GAH

Lisa: now i'm scared

Sunny: your whole HOUSE wouldn't have known!!!

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