Monday, March 3


S: so i was up to my shins in ice-cold slush this evening.

L: ?

S: yep, the kid who was playing in the snow in a field didn't realize he was standing on a thin layer of ice over a giant puddle, fell in, got his boots stuck, stepped out of them and left them behind in the freezing water
and then was crying hysterically and trying to fish them out with his hands
so i had to trudge through the snow to get to him and stepped too far and got in there myself.
he was worried about his boots, but i was worried he was going to freeze

L: was all well in the end?

S: yes, hes not frozen
neither am i

L: did you get the boots?

S: yes, haha

L: that would be suck
i'm sure it WAS suck for you

S: his neighbor went in her garage and found her dad's ice fishing thing - the strainer for the hole to get the slush out? and got out the boot with that
resourceful 8 year old.
yeah, the boot was the least of my worries, actually

L: wow, totally
it would have been the least of mine, as well

S: yeah
but he was worried hed get in trouble

L: did he?

S: oh, no! not at all.
he's just a worrier.

L: that's good

S: like me.

L: we know how that goes

S: so after i got out to him, he's crying and crying and he says, "I NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT!"

L: that sucks

S: i was like, "Well, what's done is done. Next time you'll know better. Don't worry about it now, we just need to get you inside and warm."
but he was still fishing around for his boot.
poor guy

L: you handled it like a pro

S: i'm cool as a cucumber, baby

L: lol

S: actually, i was flipping out
on the inside
visions of frost-bitten footsies were running through my head.

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