Tuesday, March 25

New House, First Day

Well, today is my first time at the new house (the house I picked up without wanting to a week ago Friday) and as usual, I'm kind of terrified.  Luckily, E is not supposed to be violent, which was a major reason I was scared of the last new place when I started working there.

I've also had some dreams this weekend about working with her, dreams where I had gotten her to start communicating and expressing herself better.  Naturally, that makes me feel pretty good about the way things will go.  I almost want to tell her dad that, to maybe make him feel as hopeful as I do right now, but I have a feeling "crazy person who thinks she's psychic will be working with your kid" won't reassure him much.  

She really is sweet.  I'm not worried about her so much as I'm worried about training under the lady I'll be training with.  She's a little scary-in-your-face.  My boss called her "kind of pushy".  Yep, that's about right.  Hopefully I can just sit back and observe today.  Cross your fingers for me.

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