Thursday, March 20

Money Talks

The nice lady at the bank today wanted so badly to give me a written copy of my balance that I let her. A few days ago, I was sinking deeply into a dark place involving money and things that need paying (with a friend, because these things are much better with company!) and I think I managed to make myself a budget of sorts. If not a real budget, then a list of things that need to be paid for in the next two weeks and the total of those things. And then a seperate list of the money I have and the difference that lies between and the knowlege that that money is what I can spend or save (hahaha... stop, stop... you're killing me) and... wait. What?

That's a budget, you say?

Well, gee. Nobody ever tells you how much better you feel with a tentative grasp on your finances.

I've got enough money left over after the things I need this payperiod to buy a bike, so that's what I'm going to do. And maybe a basket for said bike.  And a bell.  Or a horn.  You know, whatever will make it the dorkiest/best bike in the tri-county area.


d said...

Yay for bikes!

Sunny said...

Yay for bikes! I haven't gotten mine yet, though.

Jess said...

Look at you, all fancy and buying a bike. Go you! :)