Tuesday, August 16

Here's the Post What Got Deleted on July 3rd:

1. Bruce is one FABULOUS painter. Not only that, but he actually ENJOYS painting. At half-time, when Terri and I were getting seriously pissed at the fact that we had 1 coat remaining, Bruce was suggesting other areas of the house to paint. Now, that's what we call a husband. I'm going to spent the first year in our new home (eventually, don't get your panties in a bunch) buying paint and leaving the house for the afternoon. He found it RELAXING. He was sitting in his little corner of the room, not saying a word. I think I heard yoga-breathing, even. Terri said that it was his own little nirvana - then modified that to admit that it was a bit of an Asscrack Nirvana, but nirvana nonetheless.

2. Hang out at Terri's more, this weekend's been great.

3. Make sure Terri gives the $15 back to the kid. Will explain later.


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