Wednesday, August 17


I just have to, before I go to sleep, mention the fact that I have the best husband ever created. I also want to remind him that, although he might not have been created under the optimal circumstances, he has become the best thing I could ever (in my humble life) ever have wished for.

We were talking vaguely of children tonight. I think my biological clock has made it's first (fucking) tick-tock, and it scares me to death, honestly. I'm not prepared to yearn for children. I'm not prepared to feel that strongly about anything. DON'T THESE PEOPLE KNOW THAT?

Anyone else remember that feeling? Anybody my age feeling the first pangs of it?


Jess said...

Sunny, I had the first pangs a little while back, and it's not easy to get used to. It's even worse when your partner is scared crapless of kids. I'm one of the winners whose partner doubts his parental skills and wants. Makes for interesting late night conversation.

sunny said...

Dude, this was the first conversation like that. I'VE always been like your partner, feeling like I'd never be ready, scared shitless, etc. I think the whole reason behind the conversation was because I was feeling so freaked out at myself for actually considering it. It was weird. Although I got some good news out of it - good news for a few years from now, I mean. ;)

Jess said...

Sunny: Right now. R will come around. Actually, he's already said that (a few years from now) he thinks he'll be ready. We have to get past that marriage hump first, right? :o)