Tuesday, August 16

Online Shopping

I'm sitting here at the computer this morning, mainly because I have to savor my last few hours alone with it. You see, as early as next week, Bruce might be working from home, full-time. The horrors.

I'm not just saying that because I like to have a few hours to myself/week, I'm also saying it for his own damn good. Who wants to be in their own house 24/7? Not I, says this chica.

So anyway, I'm window-shopping online. I don't really need anything, or want anything specific, or feel justified after that last shopping trip in buying anything, but the thing is, I can't just leave the computer here. Not when this is one of the last Bruce-free hours the two of us will have together in god knows how long. If I were to leave it here and go read a book, in 2 weeks I'd be beating my head against the coffee table in shame for not using this time to my advantage. In two weeks, I'll be ready to kill for some random, useless window-shopping online.

I can't wait to get a laptop. Mostly for my own sanity. I can't see interrupting his work day for a stroll through things I can't afford. Ok, so I could afford that last one, but I'm a little gun-shy when it comes to shopping, recently. Just kiddng, love-of-my-life.

I want to be at a point in my life where I can afford to get the things I want, even if they happen to be a $.50 set of rubber spatulas. And I can't wait to move. It's a bummer right now, because we have to save up as much as we can. Although, according to our calculations, we'll still have almost $1000 when we move, even after expences!

Then again, neither one of us is known for our crystal-clear memories or quantum math skills, so we're going to play it EXTREMELY safe.


PS: If anyone feels like buying me a spatula, feel free.


LostNotFound1980 said...

Send me your snail mail address stagemanager80@yahoo.com. I owe you a wedding present. I will buy you a spatula. :-D hehehe.

LostNotFound1980 said...

WTF? Why is Bruce working from home? Jess and I can contend it sounds nice at first but after awhile you go CRAZY. He is going to turn in my dad. Nice but hermity.

sunny said...

LMAO. He so needs to read this.

For now, he's ok. What I think he needs to do is find a friendly coffeeshop type of place that has free WI-FI (AND BUY A LAPTOP, OF COURSE) and spend every morning (like half his workday) there. At least it'd get him out of the house. And possibly socializing.

Anyway, who wants to listen to my advice? I'm just the little wifey. :p

B said...

You're both right. Working from home is going to be...interesting. I can't pass it up though - the pay is really good. We're working up to get a laptop so I dont have to sit here EVERY stinking day doing my work. I'd like to put together a schedule that would allow me to get out of the house each day and still get things done. I'm already hermity(sometimes), so I'll have to be careful.

Jess said...

A wedding present! I still haven't heard what you two love birds want. And I asked a long time ago. So fess up. What do you need? What do you long for? :o)

I hated being at home full time. I like my five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening much better.