Sunday, August 21

Waste Not, Want Not

Last year, I wanted to grow an herb garden. I was having serious yearning issues for this herb garden, and I whined to Lisa for a few hours one day about how stupid it was for me to grow herbs when I was living with my parents and I don't know how to use any herbs in any cooking, and how I don't even fucking cook ever, and what's the point of growing all those herbs, when in reality they're just going to go to waste what with no one eating them and them just growing for nothing?

Lisa: "Since when is 'not eating something' letting it go to waste?"

Me: "..."

Lisa: "'Look at all those trees over there, just going to waste!'"

Me: "..."

We walk on for a few minutes.

Lisa: "God, these bugs are terrible. I can't believe people just let them go to waste like this. How inconsiderate."

Me: "Yeah, yeah, I get it."


sunny said...

Well, not sure if you guys noticed, but I've been CHANGING a LOT 'round these here parts.

Let me know what you think. (But only if you like it.)

Anonymous said...

Grow the kind of herb you can smoke and I guarantee none will go to waste!