Monday, July 10

And I Chose to Live Here

Hey, guess what? If you have some sort of insect bite for a long while and it's not a mosquito bite and you're really not sure what it might be, and so you ask your husband what he thinks it is because he's lived down here much longer than you have and you're telling yourself that it might be chiggers but you're not going to worry about that until it's confirmed by someone else and then he confirms it and so you do a google search for chiggers and you see some rather disgusting pictures and realize that yes, you have been bitten by a chigger or several, and at least you're feeling a little relieved because you know what's causing the open lesions on your leg(s) and stomach, so you can rest easy, don't go ahead and read this page.

It won't make you feel any better about chiggers.


Jess said...

You don't have chiggers in Wisconsin? I wish I would have known that sooner....

Miss Wired said...

Oooh, yuck.

I had one pet chicken that got nasty mites once. I found them in my bed after being unexplainably itchy on my torso.

But I got rid of them with a laundry wash and a dusting of the chicken.

But chiggers??!?!? They're the stuff horror movies are made of!