Wednesday, July 26

Animal House

My dad came home for lunch this week with a scrape on his knee and another on his ankle. Apparently, the people he was hefting a giant table with both decided to let go of their end(s) at the same time, leaving my dad with the whole table to drop on hisself.

Huck was very concerned that entire day, nosing around the wounds and trying to make sure that my dad would be ok. He's fine, as far as I know, but the way that the dog was worried warms my heart.

*edited* Huck is being more attached than usual - which is a huge feat for a mama's dog, to be more attached than usual - and Linus the cat is following me around.

I love them both more than is healthy, but this is driving me a little bit nuts, you know? *edited*


I haven't been talking about the animals as much, but I have to vent a little bit. Huck has taken (since we've moved) to sometimes running off and smelling things and totally ignoring us as he does. I know this is mostly a hound thing - he's off smelling things and they totally take over his brain - but I also know it's partly him deliberately disobeying us. It wouldn't bother me so much, but he's not afraid of the streets yet - no car has come by while he's "exploring" - so I'm worried that he'll be hit by a car. It's not that he's fast, because he's not really fast, it's more that he's wiley and can do a 180 on us when we try to catch him. Any suggestions?

Linus is adjusting very well to having three stories to explore. Once he mastered the idea of a staircase, he very much liked the idea of them. I watched him, and you could almost see the wheels a-turnin'. He very much likes this method of defying gravity to build levels upon levels.


Jess said...

I was told in my puppy class that you should never let your dog off a leash (without a fence around) unless you are 200% certain that they are going to come when called. Thus, Conner has never been off his leash outside - I like to think he'd come when called because he knows his name and all, but I KNOW that he's not above ignoring me.

My two cents is that he's deliberately ignoring you because it's a puppy thing. Conner does the same thing. And he's not a hound. He just likes to see how far he can push me before I break. It's like a game. A very mean game. And I, like you, have not a clue how to combat it. He's doomed to a leash all his life. Except when we visit the parents' who have a fence.

All that aside, I'm glad the pets are adjusting well. I'm glad you all are adjusting well.

inediblehulk said...

I've had a lot of dogs, but I've only had to keep one on a leash. The rest all knew enough to come back to eat on their own or fend for themselves hunting rabbits. They'll stay in the general area on their own and come back to the house at night, and can just tell by the size and sound of cars that they should avoid them.

I don't know how bad the traffic is around your place or what kind of leash laws you have, but if it were my dog, I'd let him explore around and get a feel for his new territory. Keep an eye on him, of course, for now. After a dog has become familiar with his grounds, he'll usually stick around, especially if he associates the area with free food.

I wouldn't worry about his nimbleness. That's actually a good thing. If he can dodge you, he stands a better chance of dodging traffic. It's those lazy fat dogs who just lay there and watch the car coming that you have to worry about.

It's your dog though. However you go about raising him, I'm sure he'll turn out fine.

sunny said...

Our leash laws are pretty specific - we have to use them. The only time we weren't was on the short (5ft) walk to the cord he is tied to when he's outside, and that's when he was taking off. We've started using the leash to walk him to the cord (again 5 measley feet), and I don't really feel like I'm teaching him anything, but it's working (duh, how could it not?)

My only beef is that I want him to learn to stick around, not force him to. Know what I mean, Vern?