Friday, July 14

Moving Day

I've resorted to packing in suitcases* and throwing loose things into them as I wander around the house. In less than an hour, I'll be watching Bruce and Mac (who took the day off of work to help us, thanks Mac!) heft everything we own into a Penske truck. While they're loading things up, I'll be cleaning behind them. It's sort of like horses in a parade. You know what I'm getting at.

I plan to leave the place sparkly and nice for our landlord, because you know what? He let us out of our lease. It's months early, but I told him our situation, and he's letting us out of our lease. It figures that the best landlord I will ever have, I only had for a few months, don't you agree? He also told me a few days ago that he wants to make sure he's got our forwarding address, in case they rent the place out really fast, so they can send me what's left of our deposit. I had to stare at him with my mouth agape - you just have to in that situation, it's required.

Dudes, have you tried this Magic Eraser deal? If you're moving, get the Extra Strength one. I thought it was all bunk, because the commercials are too hokey - I was sure it was a scam or something, but then I used one at work and it REALLY IS MAGIC. REALLY. I brought one home last night and it took off 90% of the marks on the walls (the insides of closets get lots of marks) and it's a miracle and it will get so many more people back their deposits. Everyone should buy one if they're renting. When they're moving, I mean.


*Once upon a time, I lived with some boys who had hardly enough money. These boys would take their grocery bags (the plastic ones, mainly) and store them between the stove and the refridgerator. Every few days, one of them would be off to visit someone or play a gig somewhere, and they's shout in to whoever was in the kitchen (probably getting a beer), "Hey! Grab my suitcase!"

The designated person would come back from the kitchen with a beer and a grocery bag. That's the sort of "suitcase" I'm packing in today. (I knew they'd come in handy one day...)


Jess said...

Happy Moving Day! Be safe on your trip. I'm going to miss you guys tremendously - even though we rarely got to road trip to see one another, I felt comforted with you being in Springpatch.

BE CAREFUL! BE SAFE! TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER! And I hear you should have internet (and maybe phone?) by Tuesday. So let me know so I can call from sunny FL and make sure you're all right.

Millions of hugs! Millions...

susan said...

I always wondered about those magic erasers. Now I know. Thank you!

Good luck with the moving. Can't say I envy you. Ditto Jess on the wishes of safety and such.

Brown said...

It's Sunday. Have you moved "in" yet? No internet? And,huh? You're moving???

You're so mysterious.

B said...

Amazingly, finally, we're here.