Monday, July 3


I've been absorbed in the online forums the past month or two. It's a little riduculous, I'd forgotten how into themselves these people actually are, and how condescending they are to any and all new people. I let them get to me for a while, making me feel like crap for no good reason at all, but I've turned things around (and I've been there for more than a few weeks) and I like to think that I'm starting to prove my place in the (self-indulgent, holier-than-thou) world of forums.

I don't by any means suggest that you go there with a less-than-friendly or pitiful attitude for APBTs (American Pit Bull Terriers), or that you do anything but read and ask innocent questions unless you desire to be stomped out of your will to live, but if you're interested in some good advice from people who might not be the friendliest, I'd go to one of these places to read the archives.

There's one in particular I go to. Good luck, if you go too.

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Jess said...

Wow, there's a whole lot of advice flying on that forum. I'm more of a researcher, I guess. I'd rather find out what is wrong by looking up symptoms than asking other dog owners - cuts down on the pretentiousness of it all. Plus, I've found puppy class to be both effective in training Conner and helpful in answering my questions -I don't feel stupid there.