Friday, July 7


Recently, I called the state I hail from "the land of ice and snow". I want to clarify things now, and let you know I'm not all about the ice and snow, but I will definitely put up with it in exchange for some other things that are available in Wisconsin.

  1. Like beer. Wisconsin is a land of beer. Not because it's made there, because there are plenty of other states where beer is a primary export. It's because of the support of the beer. Wisconsinites are fond of their beer, and they aren't ashamed to show it.
  2. The Packers. There's nothing like growing up in a culture that idolizes their sports team. In Missouri, we have the Cardinals. I already love the Cards, and baseball just isn't my thing. Imagine then, how I feel about the Packers, when they embody football and a greater image and ideology that can't be beat? It's amazing.
  3. Cheese. Cheese is my manna, and if there was one thing I could eat every single day without purposely starving myself, cheese would be that thing. I'd have totally starved in that damned desert. PS: Were there no animals to hunt? I mean, seriously. Every desert has animals, and even if it were a religious thing (can't kill them Kosher and all), then would be the time to bend that little rule.
  4. The music scene is fantastic in Wisconsin. Everyone I know knows someone (personally) that plays in a band. I know several, from several different bands. There's always a local live band to see, no matter where you are.
  5. Last but not least, my family and everyone I knew and loved up until a little over a year ago live in Wisconsin. It's just one of those things.

We're moving to Wisconsin next Friday. We have the Penske truck rented, and we're packing up this weekend. (Probably next week, too. We like to pack over the course of as long a period of time as available to us.)

On the trip up, we'll be stopping in St. Louis (or just outside of there) to hang out for a night or two on the town. Anyone who's interested should drop us a line, and we'll set up a fabulous place for drinking beer and scavenging what cheese we can find in this dry state. Come on, it'll be fun! Send me an email, and we'll talk. My email remains, as always, sunnyfreakingday (AT) gmail (DOT) com.


susan said...

Wow, I hate moving, and that is quite a long trip. Good luck with everything!

LostNotFound1980 said...


I go to school here with a girl from WI and she, like you, has sang all those praises of WI!! I have yet to meet a person from there I don't like!!

I guess I am just going to have to visit and see for myself!!

Sad I will miss ya'll. I don't come stateside until 7/19!!

Good luck!

lisahhhh said...

YEA!!!!! Well it's about time. Let me know what I can help you with from this state, and I'll do it.

Jess said...

I guess that rules out the trip to Springpatch in August.

Can I get the Odessa mailed to me? Yeah, I'm a greedy bitch. I know. :o)