Saturday, July 29

B was Upstairs

Mom: "Hey! The dog is humping your leg!"

Sarah: "YAAAHHH! (Flips dog gently onto back and makes him look her in the eye. Is dominant, no matter what it looks like to his weenie.)"

Mom: "(laughing) What does Bruce think of that?"

Sarah: "Oh, he does it to him, too. It depends on his mood. (thinking) ...You know, you can actually feel him about to do it if you catch him at it. His muscles get all tense and, I don't know, purposeful, you know what I mean? You can totally see it in his face that he's about to start humping."

Mom: "What? Huck? Or B?"


Angelofyourshadows said...

LMA! wow u do have a way with dogs lol and maybe its time to go get mr frisky fixed lol! U are such a nut job loveable but nots lol!!

sunny said...

He's not quite old enough to get fixed yet, hon. Plus, I think it's just "practice".

Jess said...

Wait 'til he starts practicing on Linus - or perhaps he has. Conner hasn't physically humped yet, but he's taken to rolling Lance on his back and staring at him fiercely. It's the first step toward total molestation of the cat. I'm sure of it.