Friday, March 2


I'm sure some of you (or maybe even all three of you) have noticed the little changes I've made recently to the look of my blog, and also to the content.

Lately, I've been craving a simpler life. That's all it boils down to. So all that extra stuff, like the counter on the side that told me just how many people come here? (Three.) To be honest, I never ever looked at it. Ever. I know, I know, this "blog thing" is supposed to be about me being extra-snoopy and looking for every single person who comes to this site, where they came from and what their IP addresses are but really? In the past (woah, almost three years) I've looked at the stats about six times. And it was depressing.

You know what it is? The more stuff I have on this site to remind me that other people are involved, the less fun it gets for me. I mostly like to pretend that it's only me here. Don't get me wrong, I go completely nuts with happy if someone leaves me a comment here or there telling me that they like my idea for this, or they thought a few minutes about t'other thing they wouldn't have given a second thought to before I mentioned it, but for the most part the comment remaining empty is another thing that makes me forget that I'm mostly doing this for my own benefit - it's just another in a longish line of reasons why blogging isn't as useful as it could be for me. So from here on out, at least for a little while, I'm going to stop the comments. If anyone has anything cool to say, feel free to email me. I'd love to hear from you.

I took down the entire sidebar because I noticed that everything over there was either something I could be talking about over here (and wasn't, because it was over there) or something that doesn't matter a whole heckuva lot. To me or to anybody else. This stuff here, in the middle, is where it counts. If I've got something to say, it'll be here from now on.

I'm also taking down the link to the list of blogs that I read. Really, I read the same blogs as everybody else. You know the ones. If I find any more that really float my boat, I'll tell you about them here and assume that if you like it, you'll bookmark it for yourself.

So that's my blog-version of cleaning for Spring. I'm so ready for Spring.

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