Friday, March 30

Prelude to a Dream

I forgot to tell you guys, and I'm so wreaking havoc with my little brother for it, but we (Bruce and I) went to Milwaukee last weekend and stayed with him, and we had a BLAST. It was like a blast, only with capitol letters. A BLAST. With an exclamation point.

On Thursday, we made the three hour drive down, and commented a lot on the scenery. When we got there, it was only a short amount of time before we got sick and tired of waiting for Robby to shower, and then we were in the mood to eat! Eating is great! Especially if you're in a city where you have more variety than Chinese, Taco Bell, and Luigi's. I love all of those places, but I have to say I'll go for Abu's Jerusalem of the Gold any day. Well, most days.

I ate one of the vegetarian dinners, and Bruce opted for one of the meat dinners. I'm not saying that the meat in other parts of the world isn't as good as the meat we get here, but damn. Bruce was sick for all-night-longly. I had to go out with Robby and his friends all by myself.

We went to a friend's house and talked about the virtues of Amsterdam and the pitfalls as well (when crossing the street, it's best not to be too high to recognise a car). His friend's roommate brought up
, and we discussed how awesome and helpful he is. Maybe if you've never lived in a colder climate you don't realize, but one of my main fantasies was getting lost in the wild, only I'd accumulated All The Best Equipment and outwitted nature. Survivorman helps with that fantasy, giving real-life tips. I went out with Robby and his friends that night. It was fun.

Right now I'm not in a position to give you details, because I'm working off a long week. The way I'm working off this week is with a box of white. Wine.