Sunday, March 11


The other night I had a dream (I promise to make this short) wherein my "friend" was secretly pregnant with Donatello's baby. By the time anyone figured out that she was pregnant, (SURPRISE!) she'd already had the baby and it was approximately five years old. Then he (SURPRISE!) held up a string, attached to which were dozens and dozens of babies of his own. Not surprising, because turtles develop way quicker than people.

Cool, huh?

Lisa and I went to a gardening seminar. It was pretty boring. We were debating not going in once we laid eyes on the other participants (they were old), but then a geezer caught sight of us and informed us that we were "too young" to be into gardening, and I saw Lisa shoot those flames from her eyes that she shoots when she wants to prove someone wrong at any cost and we had to go in. Half of my customers were there, and all of Lisa's customers, and that was awkward. We sat in the back (they were the only empty seats!) and we were locked in a room where it wasn't going to be inconspicuous for us to get up and creep out halfway through. So we sat in the back and snickered at the speaker who kept using words like "ERECT" and "WHACK OFF", and because we're twelve. At one point we were actively getting dirty looks from the old lady across the aisle. Also, how long do you have to live in an area where most of the population has German or polish names to become familiar with the general rules of pronunciation? I swear, the lady reading off the names from the raffle was being corrected by the people in the audience who didn't have the names in front of them. It was irritating. The speaker kept putting the em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-LAB-le. One time he identified a plant as ESS-inacea. The helper lady corrected him, "ECH-innacea." I couldn't make this stuff up. There were other things he said wrong, but the notebook I was writing it all down in is out in the car. Midway through the evening, he actually suggested that there was an argument happening re: Global Warming. (He made allusions to people thinking it might be good. Who are these people? I need to teach them some things.) We didn't win any prizes, but Lisa bought me dinner at Perkins. Score!

We might be going to Chicago over Spring Break. Not that we get one out of habit, but we might take one just for kicks. If you know of anything slightly off-center that we definitely can't miss in that area, let us know. (Ikea is already on the list.)

I'm trying to do more things right by the environment. We're growing a garden and I'm using that plant-based dish soap, and I'm also starting a compost heap.