Saturday, March 17

Tomorrow, Lasagna

I made the sauce tonight while Bruce was at work, using some mild Italian sausage and ground turkey and will be fixing the rest of it and layering it tomorrow. I was going to repay my mom for the ravioli lasagna she sent over a few weeks ago, but now I'm thinking it'll be fun to do a real lasagna. You know, with ricotta and stuff.

I say that as though I hadn't bought the ricotta earlier in the week. It's been on the list of plans for a while. Let's leave it at that.

As I said, I made the sauce while Bruce was at work tonight at the radio station, and now it's going to simmer all night on low in the crock pot. I'm really hoping this isn't an awful idea.

Here's a picture of that ravioli lasagna, which was actually pretty good. I think my mom got the recipe from Rachel Ray. Wow, they're really marketing her pep, aren't they? That show is like her other shows revved up a few notches - and I was surprised she went any higher than her other shows. Goes to show.