Wednesday, March 28

I Never Thought

that I would start a post by saying, "So, Bruce and I were listening to "13 going on 30" and end it with, "and we both started singing along to this song off the soundtrack," but there you have it. This is what getting old does to you, people. Take notes. Or don't, because things get ugly, and you might want to forget about them until you get there. Old, that is.

Anyway, I was in search of that song, and found this video. Please, if you need a bright spot in your day, watch.

How cute was that? And go figure, it's a Liz Phair song. We love our Liz over here.

In other news, today when I was admonished for not doing something correctly, I offered to do it correctly and was told, "No, you go home, but tomorrow, you'll do it right." I'm very seriously considering leaving the place where I'm told things like that fairly regularly.