Friday, November 16

Day 16: Cop-Out Post

Your Score: A heartbeat he has

You 're at 94% vital signs!

You're really close to becoming an EMT, in fact you may already be in class now. If not? What are you waiting for? With a little bit more knowledge and learning you might be able to make on heck of an emt! But just wait till the harder stuff kicks in, I just gave you a taste of the waters. This was the easy stuff, can you handle it?

Link: The Could you be a Medic/EMT Test written by crow-girl on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I scored pretty well on this test, and that's where I think my skills lie: in being able to fake my way through a test, pretending I know the answers. This worked VERY well for me in high school, and moderately well in college (when I went to class). You know that nightmare that most college kids have at one point, the one where they show up to a final and realize when they get there that they haven't been to the class all semester? I lived it, more than once. And I did surprisingly well, considering!

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