Thursday, November 15


This is the longest week in history. Next week will be the shortest, and the the week after that will be cruel, because it will beat this weeks record for longest week ever. I'm skipping right past looking forward to next week, into dreading the week after that. There's something depressingly pessimistic about the mindset I'm in right now. It's a little crazy. Stupid menses.

So yeah! I'm making the Green Bean Casserole for Thanksgiving this year. Yeah, that's right. I'm the Green Bean Casserole Bringer. It's a title of reverance, because one year somebody (I'm not naming names... We'll call her Dant Aebby) made it using frozen green beans, and didn't cook it long enough to cook them. We ate raw green beans in a sea of mushroom soup that year, and none of us will ever forget it. Ever since that fateful year, Dant Aebbie brings the rolls. (Store-bought.) Everyone is happier. Especially those relatives too polite to not clean their plates. (Not I, I will happily zip past you and scrape into the garbage. If you can't be honest with your relatives, who can you be honest with? Although I'd probably fib on the exact reason. "Oh, guess I'm just not in a bean mood!" or something similar.)

Does your family engage in the "Who eats first?" dance?


Jess said...

We have the "who the hell is going to come to the table first" dance. Usually it involves my grandma telling us once that dinner is served and then following it up with some gentle nudging toward the buffet before finally degrading into a shrill reminder that food is getting cold.

It probably has a lot to do with the sluggishness that develops after drinking begins. My family starts off every holiday with cocktails. Go figure.

susan said...

Lordy, no. In my family the eating begins almost as soon as we step through the door. Appetizers for a few hours while the turkey finishes browning, and then once the main meal's on the table, we're all right there. We are not delicate folk when it comes to food.

My mom took a video of me telling the grandparents they were going to be great-grandparents next year. I made the announcement at the dinner table. My grandpa never stopped shoveling food on his plate, and then into his mouth, through the whole video. ;)