Saturday, November 10

Nephew Meeting Day

That's the official title for today. From henceforth, all second Saturdays of the eleventh month shall be known as Nephew Meeting Day.

Can you tell I'm excited? I'm bringing my camera, so I can share him with you guys. I'm so excited. I'm so excited.

So when I took the dog out this morning, as every morning, I didn't even put shoes on my feet, just wrangled him out there and gave him his food and stumbled back into the house. Except this time, I'd somehow managed to lock the door on my way out. Don't ask me how it happened, it just did.

I tried the front door too, but that one was locked as well. (Bruce, you taught me well. Remind me to thank you. Ahem.) So I was faced with some options. There's the stuck-up lawyer across the street (no thank you), the strangers with the loud mentally disabled guy I went to school with kiddy-corner (um, I'd rather not), and the hot neighbor*. I of course chose the hot neighbor.

(My neighbor is alarmingly hot. Lisa (of Lisa and Todd) and I have been watching her all summer long. One time we were driving to the house having a great conversation and we passed her and there was silence, because we were both checking her out. She is pretty, but most of all she's got a fantastic booty and she's always walking down our road for excercise while reading her book. Oh, and on top of it all, she's from a foreign country and has a very interesting accent. We've been speculating on her and discussing her for months now.)

I knocked on the door, not really expecting anyone to answer (did I mention this was at 8:30?), but she came right to the door. Not in sweat pants, like I was, but in actual jeans-and-sweater clothes she was going to wear for the day. She tells me that yes, of course I can use her phone, so I call my mom. (She's got the spare key, and will be with me in a few minutes.) As I hang up the phone, HN offers me a cappuccino. Yeah, I know. I accept, and she offers me toast. I try to say no, but she's just too hospitable. I can't resist.

After a few minutes, I introduce myself, "Oh, by the way, I'm Sarah." She laughs, "Oh, I know that." I look confused, we haven't actually met before, I'm sure I'd remember. She says, "I used to work with your friend at Walmart... Todd."

Lisa is going to die.

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