Thursday, November 1

Welcome to NaBloPoMo!

I will be participating this year for the second year running, if only to pull myself out of my anti-blogging funk by my bootstraps. (I don't actually own boots, so it might be harder than it sounds.)

I know I haven't been blogging very much, but part of the reason behind that is because although this blog is very much my own, I started it mere hours before I met my husband, Bruce. And we're not together anymore. I'm sure I'll get into that more as the month goes on, but it's your basic story. Painful, for sure, but I'm not the first to go through it and I will sadly not be the last. I hope we can be life-long friends, and I'm going to do whatever I can to make that happen.

But it sucks.

On that note, I start my posting for the month. Enjoy! Doom and Gloom! I'm sure you'll be back for more of this!

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