Sunday, November 18

Tupperware? TupperHERE!

Tupperware, here I come.

I know, I know, after the candle party I told everyone I wouldn't do it again, it was too stressful and almost not worth it and I've still got most of those candles in the boxes they came in, but... Well, I like candles more in theory than in practice. I like Tupperware in practice!

At the party I won a free thing specifically for keeping 1/2 an onion in your fridge, which is handy. I bought some measuring spoons, the ones that will sit on the counter without tipping over. They were $10.00 in the bulk bin, but she accepted my $7.00. Had I known I could haggle with her, I might have tried it on more stuff.

I went to the party at my brother's house, and my cousin was there sitting with me on the couch. I was half-hungover, and I was the class-clown of the party, making snarky comments and all. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to buy me a peppermint mocha before I went, and I think that contributed to the hyper. I could *not* stop talking. It was I was replaced by a really funny robot whose only function was to talk. I was embarrassed at myself as it was happening, but I couldn't stop. The words, they just kept spilling from my mouth! It was insane!

Part of what caused me such humor was sitting next to Cousin and realizing at the same moment as she did that practically all of our toys growing up were Tupperware toys. Yeah, we had them all -- the stencils, the plastic ball with cut-outs to put shapes through. We had one of the horns that you pound on something and a ball goes flying out from! That one was definitely the best of the bunch. It made me want to buy that for somebody. Anybody. Heck, I want one for myself again.

Anyway, the party's on January 20th. And you're invited!

Would you like to buy some Tupperware?

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Amy said...

I went to a jewelry party (lia sophia) and bought stupid amounts of stuff. Next month -- sex toy party! Yay!!!!!

And I'm so domesticated, I would probably buy tupperware as well.