Wednesday, November 21


I made up a new game with one of the kids I work with today. Let me tell you the story of how the day went, first. I arrived at the house at noon as scheduled, and we spent the first part of the day as usual: go fish, snack, attempt at a nap (he refused, but was nice about it).

Then we invented a new game, called "Teamwork". It involves one person holding open their mouth while the other person attempts to chuck a piece of cereal into it. We like it because it involves eating (we're both fond) and gross motor skills (I'm trying to teach).

There's a little problem, though. I'm worried about what the other therapist will say. I don't think the game is wrong, or that it isn't useful (basically any game can be made into therapy, especially if you teach manners and good language along with it), but because I don't think it'll appeal to her. She's not the type, you know?

I'm just hoping that his description of the game will be nonsensical enough to get me off the hook. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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