Monday, October 24

Dude, Where's My Husband?

I'm such a whiney cow.

But I haven't talked to him in 36 hours, and I'm a little eensy bit worried. Although if anything happened, he'd call. Although if anything happened, Cam would call. Although I'm not sure Cam knows how to get my number. And if something did happen (knock on wood), I'm pretty paranoid by now (given her track record) that if someone called to tell me Bruce was [something bad], she might not even tell me, instead hoping I'd fucking forget to ask about it, and she could avoid the subject forever. Shit. Really should call home and ask. Maybe Bruce called and told my mom he wants a divorce.

Or maybe he's paralyzed!

Dear God,
It's me, Sarah. Please don't play a sick joke on me for saying that.
Love, Sarah


Jess said...

You are too much sometimes.

B said...

I'm here. I'm still alive and no, there's no divorce on the horizon. :)

LostNotFound1980 said...

Ahh, silly girl. It's Bruce I am sure he's fine.

See, I'm right there's the comment.

Hope you are having a good time other than misplacing your husband ;-)