Monday, October 31

Here's How I Waste My Time

Now, let me just say that it's possible I've wasted an hour trying to make that button, when there are perfectly reliable button-makers online, that would make my button for free with very little hassle, and it's also extremely possible that I only looked at one possible button-making-thingy and deemed it highly unusable, due to many factors which I will list right now:

1. I have three, not two, portions of text to color seperately in said button.

2. I had no idea which colors to use in the buttons without opening my gorgeous header picture in Photoshop.

3. As long as I'm in Photoshop, how hard could it be to make my own button? With three colors?

4. The button-maker-thingy I found was not wide enough (only 80 pixels) to accomidate my long and cumbersome "title", which apparently does much better at a width of 100 pixels.

When I start doing something, I completely disregard how hard it happens to be, in favor of cursing unladylike at the screen and banging my head upon several walls and keyboards until I get it if not right, then somewhat closer to right than it should be (especially in this case, considering my complete lack of knowlege in Photoshop).

So, without further ado, I pronounce this button:


You may use it on your own blog/website. I will tell you how to, because I assume that most of you, like myself, have no room in your heads to accomidate html. If you wish to place it in your sidebar, this is the code to use:

[a href=""]
[img alt="Sunshine and Lollipops" src="
3871/475/1600/button.psd.jpg" /][/a]

(Of course replacing all ['s with the appropriate symbols, which I can't seem to post without it all going wonky on me. Does anyone know how to post code in a way that it will show up? I forget how.)

So, no pressure (I totally understand not breaking up a theme you've got going on your site), but even if you don't put it up, do you like it?


Jess said...

It's lovely.

If only I could make my blog look nice. Which I can't. Because. I. Suck.

LostNotFound1980 said...

Yay Button!

Jess you can do it. You just have to get a book on code and be really patient.

Oh and time.

That's it.

Right, Sarah?