Friday, October 14

Here You Go, Kiddo

Last weekend, I got a wonderful phone call from a good friend of mine whom I hadn't talked to in months. Mike was Very Drunk, and he wasn't expecting me to answer the phone. Naturally, I let him tell me the message he'd been planning on leaving, to get it out of his brain so we could actually have a conversation. I love good friends who call me 'Kiddo'. I think it's a throwback to some of my favorite people - Mom's cousins - who used to call me 'Kiddo'. You know, back when I actually was a kid.

Yesterday I didn't post because I was lazy. The day before that, I didn't post because when I got out of bed, I stretched my arms above my head and my neck made a disgusting "CRAAAACKLE" noise, and then I was in horrendous pain and started crying because I couldn't move without it hurting. Super B came running in to my rescue. (actually, just trying to get me not to cry. How heroic.) I managed to lay myself back down on the bed, and in between hysterical sobs, I asked him, "But what if I'm paralyzed!?" My heroic husband thought that was pretty funny. He recommended I take a hot shower, and after that I actually felt ok, so I went to work. Stupid recommendations.

Work has been better these past two days - Someone Special has had them off, and I've been working with the Sane One. Yesterday we were really slow, and spent most of the afternoon looking at pictures of Sex Offenders in our area. Fun, fun! Lo and behold, some of them are actually customers at the pharmacy. We printed out the pictures to show to Somebody Special. You know, because she's got such a hard time finding things that will freak her out. Just a 'heads up' sort of thing. Oh yeah, I get to work with her today. But after today, it'll be three down, two to go, baby.

There was something else.. hmm.. what was the something else..

I started knitting a sock this week! Like most of my knitting projects, it's taken three or four start-overs before I got the hang of it, but I'm really starting to see the value in "frogging" (as in Rip It, Rip It when you rip out your stitches, aren't these knitting people so clever?). After all, should I really continue with the sock that has too many stitches? Who am I going to find to wear that pair, when the ankle's ten inches around and the heel is only one inch? Believe me, it was way off. It hurts me so much to do it, but I know it'd hurt more to continue with a bad project and then be ashamed of it. The newest version of the sock has little mock-cables in the ribbing - and I couldn't find the explanation for them, so I figured it out by just doing them.

Mostly, I'm just happy I have a hobby now.

Oh, the reason I fucked my neck up? Linus has been being a BASTARD this week. I think it's because we're both gone all day long, but he's NOT in the mood to sleep when we go to bed. Instead, he spends the night waiting for my hand to poke out from under the pillow, and gnaws on it until I wake up. This is not acceptable behavior. At first, I thought I could just stick my hand all the way under the pillow with my arm, but having myself all kinked over like that is really what threw my neck out of whack. So last night I threw his sorry ass out of the bedroom and locked him out. And then I spent an hour crying to myself about what a bad person I was because he just missed us and that's why he wanted us to play. But then I fell asleep and had the most glorious sleep I've had all week.

Do you know I've dreamed about blogs twice this week? Inane, stupid dreams.

When I was upset last night, I rolled over to talk to the sleeping Super B:

Super Bruce: Snore, snore snore.

Sunny: Wake up, sweetness, I have concerns over throwing the cat out of the bedroom. Blah blah blah, I was thinking about what a horrible person I am etc, etc, etc. What do you think?

SB: Oh, dumpling head pudding pie, you're so soft, I love you.

S: Thank you, but what do you think about me being despicable?

SB: I think that's great.

S: You'd best be sleeping.


susan said...

When Loki was a kitten, he would curl up on my pillow and chew my ears until I woke up (the ears would frequently be bleeding by that point!). Now he behaves himself, but Leo is the little bitch who wanders all over us in the morning, meowling and sticking his cold nose on our faces. If we toss him out he cries, and I feel bad, so I've resorted to burrowing under the blankets, even though that's much too warm most of the time.

Hope Linus grows out of his bitey phase soon!

sunny said...

Ha ha! Not to laugh at your discomfort, but again, Ha! Just glad to know I'm not the only one with that problem.

Linus doesn't exactly cry when he's left out of the bedroom, but he does headbutt the door in hopes of breaking in. I fear concussion - that cat is seriously motivated.

Jess said...

Lancelot has no claws. He knows he has no claws. Since he has no claws, he has decided that we cannot yell at him when he starts to scratch things. Hence when we throw him out of the bedroom at night for wrestling Nimue on the foot of the bed, he "claws" the door. Repeatedly. Until the soft "scratch, scratch, scratch" wakes us up and he gets the squirt bottle in the face.

But he still loves me in the morning.

LostNotFound1980 said...

My cats Sammy and Earl like to sleep with me. They do not get that priviledge very often because in real life they are very small but in bed space they are huge! So, I cannot share a bed with them.

Sometimes I think how nice would it be to curl up with my little dudes but not when it is time for bed. They are warm which makes it too hot for me. They sleep on top of the blankets and shoot be dirty looks when I move! Ahh, my kitties.