Wednesday, October 19

He Could Have Said, "Good Morning, Sister o'Mine!" but Nooooooo.

I had to throw Linus out of the room night before last for biting my gorgeous skin all the freaking time. Although this time there was a little more to it.

Early on in the night, I noticed that Linus was cuddled into a ball in between Bruce and I, under the covers. I pet him a little bit, rolled onto my other side, and fell asleep. Only to be awaken a few hours later by a screeching yowl - I guess Linuses don't really like being laid on. Ooops. My bad. Then, half-asleep, I started worrying that I'd paralyzed him (this is turning into a disturbing fear trend, don't you think?), so I poked and prodded him until I'd seen him move all his limbs - at which point he was so incredibly disgusted with me for not only rolling over on top of him, but also making sure he couldn't slip right back into sleep, that he decided the best punishment would be to chew my skin off.

So I kicked him out.

In other news, this IM was waiting for me when I got up this morning:
Robby: 'your gay brother (me) is singing it's raining men wednesday for a karaoke competition'

For those of you not aware, Robby is my only brother. I like how he qualifies which gay brother it is that is singing in the competition.

And hey! Good luck gay brother (you)!

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Jess said...

Don't you just adore siblings? I know I do.