Tuesday, April 11

Also, "Hey, Mama?"

With the question mark that always comes with me asking for something that may or may not be able to be given, you know, like the backpack that's from Esprit or the jeans from a designer that our family really can't afford but that mom might just find the money for, if you ask her nice enough. And hey, it's not my fault that this was the only "cool" store in my town. Esprit was the way to go, if you didn't want to be ridiculed for many years afterward. My mom was just cool enough to get me an aqua bag right before they went out of style. I wonder where it is?

And Mom? Would you mind if I came home sort of soon? I miss you guys, so much. I want to play lots of games of cribbage (Bruce never learned how to play cards) and maybe even poker? I want to see Lisa, and I'm not exatly sure, but I think it's been about 6 months since I was home last. I think that's my limit. You won't mind if I come home now and then come home for July 4th, do you? I hope not.

I just miss you all so much.

Love you,


Brown said...

Surely, dear. You just come on home anytime!!!

oh wait. I don't think you were "tlaking" to me....

Lisa said...

You are always welcome in the big city of Shawano. Please, please, please come home.

robbodobbo said...

boo. i miss you too. come home soon - i can't make it passed 4 months. idon't know how you do it. oh wait, yes i do, his name is bruce. his sidekick is linus.