Wednesday, April 26

Jaywalkers, Ho!

Yeah, I just called y'all ho's. Sorry about that, it just sort of popped out. You know, all unexpected-like. You see, there was this flow, and I just sort of... Went with it. It happens.

You see how well they match? And I didn't even try!

Remember when I finished my first Jaywalker, and I was so pleased and proud of it and whatnot? Really, I was very happy. The thing was, though, that it took me about 2 days to get all the way through part of the foot, and then it sort of languished there on my needles for a long time. For some reason, I just wasn't feeling the half-patterned, half-stockinette-iness of the foot, and it sat there for a few weeks until I got the ambition to finish it. And then I was happy, of course, because I had a finished sock. Amazing! But I was sad, because I was dreading the casting on for a partner.

I think my favorite part is the picot cast-on. It makes them more flirty, more fun. Seriously, I didn't try to match them!

But cast-on I did, a few weeks ago. And I got through the heel and the gusset one day, and everything was hunky-dory. We watched about six hours of The Sopranos on Sunday and I finished the thing right up! The second sock wasn't as daunting as the first. I'm really pretty proud to say these are my first finished sock(s).

Fancy dancing Jaywalkers!

Now all I have to work on is pairs for the other two orphans in the house. And I've also been dreaming about some Embossed Leaves socks from Interweave Knits 2005 Winter, made with the Fleece Artist sock yarn I have laying around. Yes, I finally wound it into a ball. You know what would completely fulfill me? A ball winder and a swift. I had to do it all by hand.

Here they are in a state of rest. Goodnight, Jaywalkers.

But now I'm also thinking of casting on more Jaywalkers... Cara's right, they really are addicting!

Tomorrow I'm heading off first thing in the morning to Wisconsin - going home to see the family and whatnot. If my brother calls and gives me directions to his pad, that's where I'm staying tomorrow night. If not, I suppose I'll end up driving straight through to the hometown - it's another 2 and a half hours. After all of the debacles with the oil-change tonight, let's hope he calls, shall we? I don't need another thing going wrong before this trip.


Jess said...

The jaywalkers are perfect. Congrats on finishing them up! And have a safe (and fun) trip!

B said...

I think everything will be just fine on your trip, button. Be careful and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Have a happy safe trip! Gues who I got to meet last night! Yarn Harlot! She did a book signing here in STL and I got to go. Damn, she is even more fun in person! Have a great weekend!

sunny said...

Got here fine. Will post soon. Thanks for the compliments (and the jealous surge, K! Damn you)!

Love you B.