Monday, April 24

Lucky Girl

There aren't many people who can say that they've found someone with which they feel completely comfortable. It's even rarer that those people are the sort of people you can go to a different city, dress up like a prat and still feel like you totally belong with them, and like there's nothing you'd rather be doing than wandering around strange shops and looking like a fool in front of.

And then I start to wonder at how lucky I am. I am a truely lucky person. Not only have I found the person that is exactly right for me (which some people never actually accomplish), but I've also found a few really spectacular friends along the way, friends who don't care what I look like when I dress in clothes that are completely comfortable for being at home. Even if those clothes consist of random husband's-boxers/bad hairsmock/pink tank-top, those friends don't look at me funny or judge me on it. I love my friends, and I feel blessed by the comfort they let me feel around them.


Jess said...

I absolutely love the sunglasses. Every girl needs a pair with horses (?) on them. :o)

B said...

I think my audition for the village people will go well - I want to be the new member, the sea captain.

Jess said...

Arrrrrgh, it's Captain Uncle Daddy.