Tuesday, April 18

Do I Look Awake Now?

I always look tired. I thought that maybe I should do something about that, makeup-wise, at least when we go out in public and want to look fancy. So I tried something new (for me), that yellow crap:

Typical for me, I forgot to take a "before picture", but I think I found one that will work. Before:

and After (taken earlier):

What do you guys think? Honestly!


Jess said...

You look much more awake! :o) I love new makeup.

Nads said...

I agree with Jess, you do look more lively....but I dont know. I think you look a little pale. I think its just the pic though. I feel pretty,...oh so pretty,...I feel pretty, and witty, and....ok even I cant even take my own singing lol