Saturday, April 15

Hey! I'm Not Knocked Up!

Woooo-eeeeee, folks. I'm so glad no one read anything into that last post of mine before I could get back to y'all. See, thing is, I own two shirts of the same style which I have proclaimed "Pregnant Shirts". This is because anyone who's ever tried them on feels like they are wearing maternity gear, and is always paranoid about it, and asks me if they look pregnant. I am not, in fact, pregnant.

Sorry for any confusion.

Here's a picture of me explaining what I posted and why I wanted a picture to show my wonderful readers to Bruce, as he took the photograph:

You're all jealous of my fashion sense, aren't you? Let us not speak of the multitudinous chins.


Lisa said...

The crazy thing about pregnant shirts is that you don't really look pregnant in them to anyone but yourself. A while back, I borrowed Sarah's yellow pregnant shirt, and every time I looked down at myself, I swore I looked pregnant. No one else saw what I was seeing. When Sarah put her red one on, the same thing happened. She's used to the pregnant shirts and how they operate, so she wore it that night. I was just too uncomfortable knowing I'd be staring down at my gut all night, so I ended up going with her black Hawaii tank top.

usako said...

dude, i'm pregnant and i don't even have any pregnant shirts like that. and summer's a-comin!

but why i really wanted to comment: back in 94 we were having our elementary school 'graduation' before moving on up to junior high. my grandparents offered to buy me a nice dress for the dance, and of all the freaking outfits in the store, i chose a smock thing that made me look pregnant (at 13 years old, yes).

my grandmother, while i tried it on in the store, said 'heather, that style looks like a maternity dress', and i scoffed at her lack of coolness and told her it didn't.

when i got home, and put the dress on again, i definitely looked pregnant. at 13. i was miserable. why didn't i go with the cute skirt-and-vest combo of the same fabric?!

at the dance, the boy i had a crush on asked when i was due.