Sunday, April 9

TV Crazy!

Tonight (Sunday) is our big night for TV.

Of course, we watch The West Wing. We got obsessed in between seasons when it was airing on Bravo. (Hello! If you want to get into The West Wing, please consider watching Bravo on Mondays. Talk about marathon, that's a marathon every week. Check into it.) Of course, 1/2 of the reason it stuck was because of Martin Sheen, and 1/2 was because of Leo. Some of you might not realize this, but Leo (the actor that plays him, anyway) died a few weeks ago. Tonight is the night where he dies on the show. Definitely one of the saddest moments in television.

I'll be a heathen and say it's even sadder than John Ritter.

Yeah, then we watch The Sopranos and Big Love. Later. Now, it's only sad.


susan said...

Yeah, last night was rough. Both Johns (Ritter and Spencer) died too young. :(

jamie said...

Hi Sarah! I actually made it to your blog after I found the card that you wrote the url on from Longhorn. I hear you have a new do. How'd it turn out? I think you should post a photo.

Ok, so my comment has nothing to do with the topic since I don't watch either show but new hair do's really are a matter of life and death, right?