Thursday, April 13


Sarah: still there avoiding me like a crap friend?
god, you're so selfish with those yahoo games
i can't believe i want to come up and visit you
you'll probably just sit there in your apartment and play yahoo all day long and not call me
i know you secretly can't stand me

Lisa: hey this be mason

Sarah: lol, hey mason

Lisa: lisa is out groc shoppin

Sarah: a fine excuse

Lisa: a likely story

Sarah: when she gets back, tell her i know it was really her pretending to be you

Lisa: gotcha

its obviously her hence the picture

Sarah: exactly

you can't fool me with your fancy words, lisa, i can see you on my screen

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Huh? What? Was someone having a conversation posing as me? For real, though, I was groc. shopping...and now I'm going to talk to you.