Sunday, May 21

First I Thought I Would be a Sneaky Pete...

But then I thought, "Hey, what better way to coerce Jessica into coming to see us?"

Presenting a present for the lovely lady:

Details below.

Pattern: Odessa
Yarn: KnitPicks Merino Style in Petal
Beads: 6/0 beads from Ebay in a slightly darker pink
Overall Satisfaction: I'm pretty damn pleased with it. We'll hold off the final judgement until the recipient comes down to see it, ok?

I never decide if I really like a gift until I see the reaction it gets. Jess gave me free reign with the specific colors, only telling me she wanted it to be "Pink". I'm pretty sure I got the pink part down, but I don't know for certain if she wanted it this pink. You know?

So, Jess, what do you say? I realize this might hold more weight if it was the middle of winter (like, for example, when you requested it), but I hope you like it enough to want it ASAP. :)


Jess said...


You have no idea how excited I am right now!! Rob just had to sit through a five minute rendition of "Ohhhh! She finished MY HAT! Ooooooohhhh! Look at how cute it is! YAY! Look at it! Look at it!"


I so totally want to drive down right this second to visit, play with the puppy and wear the fabulous hat all weekend long! Give me a few weekends to get some things squared away (namely renting a new apartment, packing, etc), and I will be ON MY WAY!

And if my excessive use of exclamation points isn't enough of a clue, I AM SO EXCITED! And I owe thee a box of tasty wine.

sunny said...


usako said...

aw, i was hoping she wouldn't like it, so i could have it.

very, very cute pattern. good work! :)