Wednesday, May 24


Remember yesterday and the week before, when I was totally bemoaning the existence of myself, if said existence meant living in a world where there were June bugs? Well, my hesitation has passed.

My hesitation is gone the way of the idea of us as a two person (and cat, therefore making us a three person) household. We are now a four-person household (if you choose to use the term "person" lightly, as I choose), and the fourth member of this house (Huck) is not only as upset by June bugs as I am, he's willing to go much further in his general aggrieviation*. That is to say, he's willing to put them out of their misery before they show any signs of misery. That is to say, he will eat them at any and all opportunities.

I can't say that I have denied this pleasure, in fact I may have encouraged him. A few "Good boy!!"'s go a long way with a tiny puppy, you know. Needless to say, I will be consulting the online message board with which I am most familiar as to the ramifications of my actions. Hopefully, the worst 15 June bugs can do to a pup's diet is give him extra fiber.

Cross your fingers.

*I suppose that in my boxed-wine induced state last night, I thought this (the made-up word there**) meant the state of making one aggrieved. The world may never know.

**Looks like it could be a real word, though, doesn't it?


susan said...

I am so going to start using aggrieviation in conversation. ;)

usako said...

hah, you had me. i figured it was a real word. and i don't even have any boxed wine in the house! ;(

congratulations on your junebug-inhaling puppy :D

Jess said...

Is Linus kissing Huck or trying to eat his face?

LostNotFound1980 said...

That is the cutest picture ever.

June bugs are harmless dear.