Tuesday, May 30


  1. Huck!
  2. HUCK!
  3. Huckleberry...
  5. Come here.
  7. Noooo...
  8. NO!
  10. Good boy!
  11. GOOD BOY!!!
  13. NO BITING!

I was going to try to think up some more, but thirteen has a certain ominous ring to it, much the way I'm feeling lately.


susan said...

Something Leo heard a lot of after I first got him:

"Not for you!"

(which was mostly shouted by my roommate every time Leo tried to make a tasty, tasty snack of her plants in the window sill)

B said...

This morning, Huck grabbed a freshly knit cap that his mother made. At first, I thought it was a toy and then I realized what it was and took it away.

It's funny how my life is revolving so much around "no" and waiting for poop.

sunny said...

Ha! Our version is, "Not for babies!!!"

Jess said...

I hope it wasn't the Odessa! ;o)

I have an appointment to see a man about a Scottie tonight at 6pm. I am SUPER excited. He's SO CUTE. And I really hope that he's in good health and friendly because I totally want to buy him RIGHT THIS SECOND.

Wish me luck.

Nads said...

Good puppy training methods ( that I can offer for help). Take a WHOLE day and take him out about 15 times throughout the day. Before you go outside ask him "Hey, do you want to go OUTSIDE?" Emphasize outside. take him out. then ask the same but say inside, emphasizing inside. this will help him to recognize the words (But you must talk plainly). When he learns them then you can start using a potty schedule, taking him out at specific times so he knows how long to hold it.

Next, when he starts biting, especially on hands, make a sharp noise like a brief nasal AH sound (or say NO) and tap his nose (tap a little stern if he doesnt stop). If you try to pet him and he starts biting, make the noise (or say NO) again and tap his nose to make him stop. After a few times you will be able to pet him and then you reward him with a good boy or treat...but dont hesitate to do it again if he starts up. Remember Dogs can understand you, you just have to teach them the words.

I tried these on a few other pets including my own and it seemed to help.

Jess said...

I've watched so much of "The Dog Whisperer" that you'd think I'd know just about everything...

I've been proven wrong about ten times so far.

B said...

I think we've got our own dog whisperer here - i've been kind of try ing what nads says with the whole biting thing and it seems to work.

He seems to be learning "outside" as well.

Nads said...

And once again my sage-like wisdom prevails. lol

Brown said...

Do you have a "learn to potty on demand" word/phrase? I totally agree with emphazing the outside/inside thing, and it DOES work. But also, once Cocoa (my dog) was "OUTSIDE" she would often get distracted and just play. So I used "get busy" to tell her to go pee and "gotta poo?" to get her to take a crap. So, you say,"get busy", "get busy" and then when he pees "GOOD BOY GET BUSY!!!!!!" or "gotta poo? gotta poo?" and then " GOOD BOY GOTTA POO!! "

hahahahaha. I wish I had known more about puppies when my kids were toddlers...I think it might have really come in handy.

Nads said...

Most of the time when I want my dog Julie to take a dump I just point out to her usual pooping spot and say "Get your ass out there and take a shit!" She will either take one or give a snort and walk to the door. I will tell her again, but she will usual bark at me meaning "Get your ass in the house it's hot/cold out here".

I think she does this because she loves the little hide and seek game we play after we go outside. She'll run behind the coffee table and wait to see if I can see her peeking through the plants. When I say BOO she comes running out and gets her treat. I never taught her that, she just found out she could hide back there and when she scared the crap out of me one day she took to it. =)