Monday, May 22

My Dad Said

"Waste not, want not", and so he ate the burnt toast. I didn't know that he didn't prefer it that way until I was twelve.

"I like it black", and so I made the coffee Cowboy Style. I learned to like it that way. I can barely drink weak coffee.

"To each his own", and I am confident in my differences from others. He never let me doubt myself or my preferences.

"Do unto others...", and I treat people the way I would hope to be treated. There is not a cruel bone in his body.

"Rub his nose in it", and I try to find another way. Someone told me recently that a puppy doesn't become fully aware of their bladder until they're twelve weeks old. I hope our puppy is advanced, so I don't have to resort to my father's teachings.

Just in this one case.


Jess said...

Since I've officially found out that I am living on my own (due to unforeseen circumstances involving my friend's sister not liking me), I am SO getting a puppy at the end of July. I figure I best wait until after I get back from Florida. Still, we're going to have to get the pups together for a play date!

And aren't dad's the wisest?

B said...

I have a feeling your Dad might be right on this one. Although, the boy is really smart, so he might just pick up on it. :)