Wednesday, May 3


My Bruce always but always knows just how to intrigue me. Last night on the phone, he made sure to tell me that while I'm away, he's been doing some "projects" around the house to keep himself busy.

Immediately I'm hoping the bathroom isn't painted puce when I get there.

And yes, I realize that the "projects" are probably related to our sound system somehow, and have nothing to do with a new deck or a puce bathroom.

It seems like this time alone is doing him a lot of good. I'm making a mental note to make some friends so that he gets to be alone sometimes.


susan said...

I too need to make some friends (or rather, make friends who live close enough to me that we can hang out in the evening or something) so that on the rare occasion that Tom goes out with his buddies for beer/poker/whatever, I don't sit at home alone feeling all dejected. Not that I begrudge him his buddy time at all; I just wish I weren't always the one sitting home alone.

Wow, I sound pathetic. ;)

sunny said...

You hit the nail on the head - friends who live close enough. You're not pathetic. Or rather, if you are, so am I, because I've been having your problem for over a year. ;)

Jess said...

Ladies, I suffer from much the same problem here in my good ol' town. R goes out/out of town, and I am left all alone. However, I do have a few good friends nearby. It just doesn't help that they work in the service industry--no "normal" hours. :o(