Thursday, November 18

Clean Plate Kid

Have you ever been in the middle of a project, be in new or long-standing, and been touching it up, cleaning it up, fixing the edges a bit, or making the whole thing look a little more.. coiffed? Have you ever done a little too much, and tried to fix it, only to make it look a little.. lop-sided? Did you ever just take a look at it, decide it was too much trouble, and just start fresh, from scratch, decide you need a clean slate from which to start? I have. Just now, in the shower.

I can only hope my fiance appreciates it, even just a little bit.


SJ said...

HAR! When I was 8 or so months pregnant and as big as a side of beef, I was trying to fix my project and thought I was doing a great job. (I couldn't see a damn thing below my chest area.) Then I saw the razor was completely covered and realized I had just given myself a Brazillian wax job...or half of one.

Anonymous said...

he's going to love it!! they all do. letting it grow back is the biggest pain.