Monday, November 22

Fluffy bunny cute happy kittens

This has got to be the most embarassing story I've read about my home state in a while. I say "in a while" only because of this guy and this other guy, neither of whom is winning our state any grand awards for honor.

The only bright spot (and it's more of a faint glow, really) is that they describe the guy as coming from "the Minneapolis area", and we all know that they're crazier by far than most Wisconsinites.

Side note, I was told by my mom to check the news, because there was something bad that had happened. Naturally, I assumed it wasn't too serious, and ignored her. I could not, however, ignore the conversation happening in the gas station about Wisconsin. According to the counter girl, the guy from Wisconsin went crazy, fighting over a tree-stand, and shot another guy. He then proceded to shoot a bunch of other people who ran to the aid of the first guy. That's gas station news, though, and gas-station-news from two states away. If you want the real story, click the first link. Or you could click here, or here. You could click on all three, if you really want carnage.

On the other hand, if you want something a little lighter, click here, which is what I got when I googled "fluffy bunny cute happy kittens". Enjoy.

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B said...

I like the fluffy animals, personally.