Thursday, November 4

Tell Me:

Can someone, somewhere, please give me a logical explanation as to why so many people are against gay marriage?

I'm serious.

Don't give me bible-thumping here, give me pure cold facts as to why this is a bad idea. Tell me why gay marriages are any worse than the 2/3 of straight marriages that end in divorce. Tell me why two people should not be legally recognized as being in love. Inform me, please, why SEX has anything to do with marriage at all.

Don't we all know how things go? Sitcoms tell the whole story, in black and white. Marriage is (apparently) 90% sex for the first year. After that year, we (of heterosexual tendancies) would almost rather sleep in seperate beds. Heterosexual couples have no obstacles - don't you think maybe that the ease of it might be a part of the problem?

If the heterosexual population is going to make a farce of the whole institution that is marriage, who are we (as a group) to deny people of other sexual tendancies from being a part of that same farce?

And who's to say that they will? Personally, all of the gay people that I've known have been extremely conscientious of their partners, and whom they choose to be with. This might change slightly (hopefully) as the years go by, as others become more open to the idea of same-sex relationships, but in the meantime, I have to say that most of the gay people I know put much more serious time and thought into their relationships than do the straight ones.

That doesn't include me, obviously.

My question, I suppose, words best as such: Who are you to decide upon the fate of someone else's happiness?


B said...

Nice new look. I like that I'm never quite sure what I'm going to get when I come to your blog.

People are afraid of things that are outside of their comfort zone. Conservatives moreso, probably. Many people believe that sex is directly connected to that kind of love and marriage - and it probably is, to some extent, but it isn't the reason (for most of us, at least) to get married. Some people don't see it that way. Those people aren't open to the idea that someone could love someone of their own gender. They aren't open to the idea that it might not be wrong. It's sad that it's like that. I'd figure that gay people would be just about as fucked in the marriage department as straight people are - so I say let them give it a try. This is America, right? Freedom reigns, or so they say.

Anonymous said...

There's no way I can defend that. This issue was coming up with a frenzy back in the Summer of 2003 , and I was completely disgusted that people couldn't find something more productive to spend their time on in the arena of " saving humanity from destruction ". No one can defend it logically, because it's all bullshit, Sunny. Trust me. ~BROWN

Anonymous said...

I meant to clarify that it was coming up here in Canada in 2003. ~Brown

sunny said...

Wowza, didn't know you still read, Brown. I'm eversohappy you do.

Also glad that you agree that it's bullshit.


Rory Kearn said...

I'm on an email list where the women got in a flame war about this very topic. I think that in many respects gay partners do have stronger, lasting relationships because of their lifestyle. They know they are the minority from the start and they stick together and make things work.

With well over 60% of hetero couples divorcing at a frantic rate, is there any study on how many gay couples stay together? Without actual marriage statistics, maybe not.

My opinion, people are fearful of what they don't understand, and that is why so many people are against gay marriage. I think it's sad, sad for them when they just want to make a life together and sad for those against it, because they have their head in the sand. Hetero couples fill out that piece of paper and file it away legally and they are married. And with that comes so many "rights," implied and/or otherwise, things they never even think about. Why can't a gay couple have the same rights? I hope they get there someday, they deserve it.


SJ said...

It's because a few fringe fundamentalists start rumors like "first gay marriage, then that would allow you to marry your goat..." and this shit gets spread and spread by other nutjobs until the whole Baptist country lives in fear for their livestock. Then there's the whole talk radio circuit...

Primarily it is because of one word: FEAR.