Wednesday, November 17

Somebody Congradulate Me

I'm finally one of those girls that everyone wants at a party.

Cam and Bruce and I went out on Saturday night. We drank and laughed, Bruce went to Wendy's and brought me back a cheeseburger - It was great. I sang some karaoke (doesn't happen, ever), and made some friends. We closed the bar, and I realized that that's what I love about closing a karaoke bar - by the end of the night, everyone is joining in a group sing-along.

We went to Cam's new 'plex. I know this because I remember them telling me that's where we were. It seems nice. I think it's nice. I fell asleep on the couch a few minutes after we got there. I woke up on the same couch a few hours later, Bruce was waking me up. I was a little displeased.

Eventually things came together in my mind, and we left for our apartment. We talked about it in the morning, though, and decided that I'm the best girl ever.

Cam, I wanted to tell you this now, so that you don't give someone else the title - I'm the first girl to be naked in your new house. Ha!

I, in my drunken wisdom on Saturday night after everyone was asleep, decided that I would really give my fiance a treat, and come back from the bathroom in the nude. Yes, I really did that [Honestly. This weekend? Let me talk to Bruce, not sure if he's got any plans.]. Very sneaky, I know.

When he realized what was going on, the bestest guy in the whole world woke me up and tried to get the location of my clothes out of me. Unfortunately, I was in complete denial, trying to convince him that I was not, in fact, naked, and please, just go back to sleep. We managed to make it home fully clothed - minus my shoes and purse - hopefully without Cam's knowlege. I know that to get back on the couch, I had to practically jump right over him. Yeah, I know, that's a pretty picture. I can't stop laughing.


B said...

Never try to wake up a drunk, naked girl to find out where her clothes are located - they have a tendency to get angry with you. All in all, it made for a really funny night.

makojeep95 said...


This is classic!