Thursday, November 4

Yes, I'm a Stupid Ass


Apparently the alarm clock needs to be set for AM, not PM, in order for it to go off at the designated 7:10 AM.


Somewhere inside my brain is a spiderweb. The web is made of tiny threads, almost invisible to the naked eye. My brain spins these threads to catch information. It's a highly efficient process. My brain connects all sorts of facts; orchestrated to perfection, the thrum(s) of said facts join in harmony, my thoughts being the resounding tune. The tune changes, from day to day, and grows, with my knowlege. It expands and contracts according to my mood. It flows with a grace that no man has yet been able to fully explain. My conciousness is the harmony that resounds within me.

[And sometimes, a big-ass dragonfly of a thought fucks up the whole beautiful process, leaving me incapable of decyphering what that glowing green dot next to "PM" is supposed to mean.]

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